The QUEEN CITY ACTORS STUDIO is an ongoing workshop cycle of actor training, designed for intermediate actors to acquire the skills and work ethic necessary for a career in theatre, film, and television, as well as advanced actors wishing to continue honing their craft and experience deeper growth in character development and exploration. The Q.C.A.S. is concentrated on the actor’s personal training and growth which can be utilized for theatre and on-camera work and does not limit the actor’s focus to any one medium. 


*a brief initial meeting/audition with instructor, Nathan Shelton, may be required before admittance into studio.  Beginning actors are encouraged to take one of the acting fundamental courses before auditioning for the studio.  Studio classes are designed for actor’s at least 16 years of age and up.  Actors 15 years old and younger are encouraged to look into one of the multitude of other performance classes within Queen City Conservatory. 


Studio classes meet weekly every Monday from 6:00pm to 9:00pm at Monk’s Social Club. (class ending time may vary depending on the evening’s work). Each class offers a safe and collaborative foundation designed for the actor to push themselves into greater confidence, deeper imagination and creative development, bolder character choices, and intensify focus of body/mind coordination and intention.  Each class builds upon the previous class within a cycle, just as each cycle builds upon the previous cycle; facilitating growth in continuing studio members as well as new students coming into the class.


QUEEN CITY ACTORS STUDIO offers a 12-week curriculum which cycles perpetually throughout the year. Every time the class returns to a subject in a new cycle the actor will have the opportunity to push themselves in their personal goals while continuing to practice and hone their developed skills.  Classes consist of a variety of exploratory exercises, improvisation, monologue/ scene work, and observation/ analysis.


Actors may join the studio at any time within the cycle and are only required to pay for 4 weeks at any one time. A prorated payment is offered for actors who join part way through a cycle and wish to continue growth within the studio.  Varying payment discounts are offered for students wishing to pay for an entire 12-week cycle or multiple 4-week Blocks within a cycle. 

*It is highly recommended that a potential student audits the class once before joining the studio to make sure the class is a good fit for what the student is wanting to commit to.  Please contact the instructor to set up an audition/ initial meeting or audit of the studio class.